Collaborations > Family Kaleidoscope: a Quilted Room Installation Collaberation with the Students and Faculty Members of the Gordon School in East Providence RI

Inspired by The Gordon School’s tradition of Grandfriends’ Day artist Brooke Erin Goldstein has created a collaborative quilted installation titled Family Kaleidoscope focusing on the families we have, as well as the families we make. As we grow, many people leave their reflection on who we become. It is the intersection and layering of those influences that guide us and color our lives for long after we leave our nuclear family home. In this way our experiences with the love and support we receive create a kaleidoscope of community in our hearts.

Family Kaleidoscope engaged every student as well as volunteer faculty to illustrate this idea through painting, printmaking, drawing, fabric dying/staining, quilting and more. Brooke worked with each class to create an age appropriate project that when all pieced together becomes the larger installation. This aspect not only allows each student to learn various textile art techniques but speaks to our greater notion of family by having the entire Gordon School Family make one complete story together.

*Family Kaleidoscope was made and on display in the Gordon School in the spring of 2018.