Collaborations > Feeling Real or Really Feeling?: a Multimedia Interactive Installation in Collaboration with Steven Lubecki and the Providence Children's Museum

Have you ever tasted a color, smelled music or felt a sound? For people who experience synesthesia, the mixing of senses, this happening is very real and personal. In the exhibition Feeling Real or Really Feeling? artists Brooke Erin Goldstein and Steven Lubecki have created a colorful, vibrant, rich, multi-sensory landscape in which kids and their adults can immerse themselves. This exhibit was inspired by the experience of Synesthesia and epic children’s stories such as The Phantom Tollbooth, and more.

Walk through the Perception House; can you find the rustling and the chirping in the Soundscape Forest? Journey towards Texture Mountain and Color City to explore a range of changing surfaces and colors. Tell us what you’re feeling in the Emotional Atmosphere. Check out what’s behind the many doors in Discoveryville; and come back often to find new surprises.

Feeling Real or Really Feeling? is designed to strengthen creative exploration skills for kids and adults. Artists Goldstein and Lubecki invite visitors of all ages to journey through multiple lands where things aren’t quite as they seem.

*Feeling Real or Really Feeling? Opened in December of 2019 through March of 2020 when it had to close for the Covid 19 Pandemic.