Public Art Projects > Consume & Convey : a Quilt Installation at the Dirt Palace Storefront WindowGallery

Consume & Convey is a presentation of Americana inspired quilted works artist Brooke Erin Goldstein made in 2002 juxtaposed with each other for the first time. Consumer culture and the vast american transitioning landscape has always fascinated and inspired Goldstein.

America is the birth place of quick consumables. Wether it be fast food (microwavable tv dinners) or Pop culture (tv media) we seem to devour it and always be hungry for more. This can be both exciting as we are always innovating with a desire to move forward but also disappointing as we lean towards the surface of things and celebrate superficiality.

You can also look at our transitional landscape in the same way. From cities to forests, deserts to mountains the diverse beauty of our country is immensely unique. However we homogenize our roadways with the corporate consumer landmarks of chain restaurants and motels that are both nostalgically comforting and similarly alienating.

The opportunity to show these Americana inspired works together for the first time in The Dirt Palace Storefront WindowGallery is particularly exciting to Goldstein during this transitional time in our country’s political history.

*This installation was up in Providence RI at The Dirt Palace, a feminist art space, in Olneyville during the summer of 2016 just before the 2016 election.