Brooke Erin Goldstein

Artist Statement:

I have always been fascinated by color. For years now through my drawings I have been exploring the power that color has on our emotional experience. Working with silkscreen, digital printing, quilting and graphite/ink drawing has allowed me to experiment with this concept. In conjunction, I have developed my own visual language using symbols I’ve created and defined. This allows me to not only examine color’s impact but also the effect of narrative and repeating pattern by the arrangement of the motifs. My goal as a visual artist is to convey a relatable, emotive involvement with the viewer. This connects us all in the human experience of love, passion and of course pain.


Brooke Erin Goldstein is an artist, curator and stylist living in Providence RI. She was born in New City, NY and began taking art and sewing classes at the age of 3. She is graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Textiles. Her creative professional career started with her work as a technical, textiles and surface Designer in the apparel industry. Brooke currently sits on the exhibition committee at the Jamestown Arts Center. She has road tripped through all the continental U.S. States except for Nebraska and likens the changing landscape to her love of surface design. Brooke currently owns and operates 4 creative businesses including Kiosk PVD which was named 2016’s Best Creative Pop-Up by Rhode Island Monthly. The experience she has gained from being self employed for the last 13 years has made her deeply devoted to the promotion and empowerment of entrepreneurship world wide.